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Determining values of horses along with the related supplies and equipment based upon realistic market standards is critical to the equitable process. Many times the values of horses take on imaginary financial projections, realistic market standards must be applied for the breed, type, gender, age, performance record, event winnings, health condition, level of training, and overall behavior. An important consideration during the assessment is the value added. Value added being those additional factors above and beyond the average that contribute to the horseís gross value.

Market standards vary throughout the world, depending upon so many different factors. One of the most important factors contributing to the difficulty for a realistic evaluation is the influence of a breedís popularity. Popularity drives the demand, and usually impacts upon the supply, hence driving the values upward with little or no true foundation.

Fair market appraisals can be achieved through factual research, substantiated through public sources of documentation. Comparative pricing is generally a very good method to assist in the valuation process, however, in the horse business it is not always the simplest nor the most available method. Therefore, to realistically evaluate horses and their equipment requires knowledge and ability which spans many aspects of the horse business.

All evaluations performed by Hipsley & Associates are submitted with a written statement, complete documentation and related appendix of supportive materials. Understanding the international market for horses and equipment is one of the unique benefits of hiring Hipsley & Associates as your legal expert on horses.

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