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Equestrian Competitions

Participation in equestrian competitions provides many opportunities for exposure to legal challenges, whether it is as an exhibitor, trainer, judge or show manager. In order to better understand the issues associated with competitions and the application of their policies and procedures, traditions, and rules and regulations, it requires experience and expertise in dealing with these matters on a first hand basis.

By establishing a thorough understanding of the disputed issue[s], recommended solutions can be achieved. Documented facts must be used as in all potential legal matters with full disclosure to all parties. Procedures, protocols, and due process are the key issues to address these issues.

The type of competition and the rule governing body determines the method and procedures to follow as there is not one single uniform ruling body in the horse competition business. The governing bodies range from local and regional organizations to national and international associations, from 4-H to discipline based groups, none with the same rules and regulations. Whether it is general rules violations, inhumane treatment, drug violations, or administrative hearings, fair resolution of these matters is essential to maintain livelihoods and future participation in the sports.


Legal expertise within the horse industry is very valuable as strict rules of evidence and due process can be easily compromised. It is important to have ‘inside’ knowledge on the function of equine breed associations to support clients in their challenges. Hipsley & Associates is comfortable working with all breeds and disciplines. 

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