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Understanding the governance and operations of foreign equine breed associations and studbook societies is becoming more critical in the development of the global market place for horses. Each foreign country operates under different rules and regulations, although there is more unification of breed associations in Europe under the governance of the EU. The remainder of the world does not have a unifying governing body, hence, each association organizes itself under a model from an existing breed association and affiliation with their country’s governmental agency. For example, in England all studbooks must be approved by DEFRA, while in the remainder of Europe approval is made through a country’s respective Minister of Agriculture’s office.

Unlike the United States, there is usually, only one officially recognized breed society for each breed of livestock within a foreign country. And, there is the continuation of the age old tradition of inspecting and licensing only quality breeding stock, thereby restricting the ability to officially breed and register in a studbook any horse.

Each breed organization establishes its own form of affiliation and reciprocity with corresponding associations. Even the US horse based breed associations have foreign affiliated organizations, providing registration services and approvals of horse shows in the respectively foreign country. This is an attempt to maintain a global standard for the breed and the respective performance of their horses.

Hipsley & Associates has gained a great deal of practical experience in communicating with foreign breed associations and assisting them to establish links to the US based breeds. Additionally, Hipsley & Associates has worked with foreign studbooks to establish judging standards for uniformed adjudication of horses of a single breed.

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